Decisions, Decisions: 6 Steps for Making Confident, Growth-driving Choices

Being accountable for growth isn’t easy. Leaders are responsible for finding opportunities, investing big against them, mobilizing teams in new directions, and executing complex, transversal plans. Sound daunting? It often is. As an innovation and growth partner, we sit at clients’ deliberation tables, witnessing and working to alleviate the pains that arise. But increasingly, we see one challenge rising above the rest.

With solid choices in front of them, we observe leaders getting caught in analysis paralysis, unable to act even when informed by sound research or guided by thoughtful strategic roadmaps. And when we start losing opportunities to inaction, it’s time to diagnose the real problem and come up with a better path forward.

  1. What information would change my mind?
  2. Can I realistically get that information, and how?
  3. Can I afford what I might lose in time, money, or relationships to pursue the information rather than move forward with what I know now?



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